Internship Opportunities

Become part of a growing team of excellence. At, our staff work effortlessly to maintain its position as the #1 resource for Latina/o's finding employment opportunities. Our goal is to open the doors and career opportunities for others, where excellence, hard work, and creative thinking is the norm of life. Click the following link for our internship media kit.

About Us is the first Latino professional employment web site designed specifically for the higher education community. It was launched in response to a growing concern about the need to promote career opportunities in higher education for the growing Latino population.

Interns Wanted is looking for interns who are looking to utilize their skill and contribute to helping the company reach its goal in a positive way. Being of Latino descent or being able to speak Spanish is not a requirement to work for

Internship Opportunities Available: 
Graphic Design

If you are interested in pursuing an internship with please submit  an application, cover letter and resume to the following email address [email protected]. is located at 214 Amity Road Woodbridge, CT. 

Interviewing at LatinosinHigherEd our tips for you

Your interview at LatinosinHigherEd is your opportunity to showcase your accomplishments, talents and experience, and to learn how your skills might contribute to our business objectives. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your visit to LatinosinHigherEd. 

  • Have your scheduled cleared. You'll meet with two to three individuals (30 - 45 minutes). 
  • Dress like us. We dress casually, so you can too (in your best, presentable way). No need for a suit and tie. 
  • Be punctual. There's no sense in running late it throws everyone off. 
  • Bring documents and backup material. In addition to the employment application, do you have a portfolio to share or an item to underscore a strength? Don't forget them.
  • Know the LatinosinHigherEd basics. We're not going to quiz, but it's a bit awkward if you're unfamiliar with our services and mission. You'll find it all on our website.