Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can you give me more information about is the first Latino/a professional employment web site designed specifically for the higher education community. It is a job site that aims to promote career opportunities in higher education for the growing Latino/a population. The site caters to the largest pool of Latino professionals in higher education in the United States, Puerto Rico and internationally.

How many people use your site?

Our site receives over 100,000 hits from over 10,000 unique visitors monthly. Our extensive partnership network is constantly expanding as well. Please refer to our partnership pages for more information or send us an email at [email protected], and we will provide you with the latest information available.

How do you promote

We use a number of different strategies to maximize the number of visitors who visit our site. One of the ways we promote is by attending trade shows sponsored by HACU, CALAHE, USHLI, AAHHE, TACHE and other premier Latino-serving organizations. Through our established partnerships with these organizations, we obtain users nationally by connecting with them via email, direct mail, and our newsletters. In addition, we also utilize social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote ourselves globally.

What types of Institutions use

Over 1,500 colleges and universities have posted positions on Public, private, community, and technical institutions as well as non-profit organizations have utilized our web site.

Are multiple listing ads permitted?

We do not allow for the placement of multiple listings under one job posting. Our policy is one job per posting. However, if you have a yearly subscription you can post as many ads as you want until your subscription expires.

Will I receive updates on the traffic my jobs receive?

You can monitor how many views your jobs receive at any time by logging into your employer account.

How can I edit my job posting?

You can edit your posting by logging into your employer account. The jobs you've posted will be listed under the "job manager" section at the left hand side of the page. You can then click "edit" next to the job that you wish to edit.

How do I delete my position?

In order to delete a posted position, you must log into your account.  The jobs that you've posted will be listed under the "job manager" tab at the left hand side of the page. You can click "delete" next to the job that you wish to delete.

How do I repost my position?

If your job posting period expires, you can purchase another job package and repost the same job posting. If you have a yearly subscription for unlimited postings you can click on the "job manager" tab and select "renew" to extend your posting.

What is the featured employer?

As a featured employer, we will highlight your Department, Division, College or University on our homepage. Your logo, University Name and/ or Department will be listed with a link to your choice of a website. Click on the "Employers" link to see pricing.

How do banner ads work?

Help your institution gain maximum exposure by purchasing a banner ad to be displayed on our web site. Banner ads are available in four different sizes: 468x60, 156x60, 330x100 or 728x90. You can choose to have your banner ad displayed on the home page or job search page. Banner ads are free with the purchase of a yearly subscription ($3,600 value). Click on the "Employers" link to see our pricing.


Job Pack Questions

How much does it cost for a job package?

Please click on the link below for a listing of our different job posting packages. We can also customize a package for your unique recruitment needs.
Please Click Here.

How do I post a position?

If your company currently has an account with us, you can simply log into your account with your username and password. Then by clicking on "post jobs" and it allows you to fill in all of the appropriate information. To actually post the information you must make sure you have "job credits." If you don't, you can easily purchase a job package by clicking the "purchase" button next to the job pack.

When will my posting appear on

All job postings are approved by The job should appear within 12 hours after it has been posted. Our regular business days/hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00a.m. - 7:00p.m, Eastern Time.

After I submit my Job Pack order, when will I be able to post jobs?

You can begin posting jobs immediately after purchasing a job pack through an employer account.  You will be required to create an employer account in order to begin posting jobs. You can click on the "Employers" link on our website, click "Get Started" on the job pack of your choice. You will be asked to fill out some general information in order for your account to be established.

How long do my postings stay active?

Jobs remain active for up to 90 days. You can post a position for less than 90 days but the price will be the same as a 90-day posting.


Unlimited Posting Subscription Questions

What is the unlimited posting subscription?

A yearly subscription allows employers to post unlimited positions for a calendar year from the day they purchase the subscription.

What features does the unlimited posting subscription include?

  • Unlimited job postings for faculty, staff, and administrative for one calendar year.
  • Ability to edit or delete postings.
  • Maximum exposure through our e-mail notifications.
  • Resume search.
  • A 156x60 banner ad on the main page ($3,600 value).

When does a "year" begin after purchasing the yearly subscription?

The yearly subscription begins the day you create your user account.


Account Questions-Employers

How do I create an account?

Go to and click on the "Employers" link.  You can then select the job pack of your choice by clicking on "Get Started." You will be required to enter information about you and your institution. After completining your registration form you will receive a "Welcome to" email to confirm your account. Purchase your desired yearly subscription under the "credits & billing" tab on the left hand side of the page. 

Do I need an account to post a single position?

Yes, you do need an account to post a single position.

I forgot my username/password. How do I get this information?

Go to and click on the "Login" link at the top of the screen. Then click on the "Forgot your password?" link and enter either your username or email address. Once you do so, an email will be sent to you containing your username and password. You can also email us at [email protected] if this process does not work.

Does my institution currently have an account with

You can contact us to inquire whether or not your institution has an account with us. Another method of determining whether or not your institution has an account is by contacting your Human Resources Office, or the office that is responsible for advertising positions at your institution.


Account Questions- Candidate

How do I create an account?

Go to and click on the "Register" link.  Fill in the information and click "Register Now". You will be asked to fill in additional information and click "Continue".

Is there a fee to create a job candidate account?

There is no fee to create a job candidate account.

How do I search for jobs?

You can search for jobs by using quick search.  Enter the information and your job matches will appear based on the information you enter. If there are no matches you can click on "Advanced Search" to conduct a more detailed search. You can also save your searches by clicking on the "Save This Search" link.

Once I find a job that matches my search criteria can I save it to my account?

Yes, you can save a job match by clicking on "Save".  The saved job will appear on your account screen.

How do I post my resume?

Once you log into your account, click on the "Post Resume" link. You will be required to enter you name and a description. You will be required to upload your resume, cover letter and update your social profile.

How do I apply for positions?

Log into your candidate account. Once you search for jobs and find a match, click on that job. Once the description of the job pops up all you have to do is click on "Apply to this job" and follow the instructions in the job description. Most employers require you to visit their web site to complete a direct application and applications cannot be done directly from our website.


Billing Questions

What billing options do I have?

You can either pay online via credit card or you can choose to be billed. If you choose to be billed you will need to complete a "Job Posting Order Form" and fax it back to us. Click here to find our job posting order form. We will send you an invoice after receiving your job posting order form.

How do I pay my invoice?

You can remit payment to the address below. You can also complete a credit card authorization form and fax it back to us for processing payment by credit card.

Where do I get a completed W-9?

Please click here for a completed W-9.

What are the billing department address, phone, fax, and email?

Hispanic Recruitment Services, Inc.
P. O. Box 16
Cromwell, CT 06416-0016
Phone: 860.632-7676
Fax: 860.632-1760
[email protected]