Assistant Professor[LK1] , Public Policy Approaches to Sexual Violence - Cluster Hire

Position Summary:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison seeks to hire a faculty member with research and teaching interests in policy issues around sexual violence.

The scholar should have expertise in the interplay between social science, policy, and government. This may include scholars who are interested in issues such as rehabilitation and reintegration of sexual violence criminals, disparities in policing and sentencing policies for sexual violence criminals, sexual harassment policy issues in the public sector or workplace, Title IX issues in educational policy, child and adult sex trafficking, or the geopolitics of gender-based violence and sexual violence such as the context of war (and political violence more broadly), migration, refugee experiences, and disaster experiences. Or, this may include scholars who study the policy issues attached to: sexual violence imposed by domestic partners; gender/social inequality and its impact on sexual violence; substance abuse (e.g., alcohol and drug) and sexual violence; sexual violence against sex workers; weapon use and sexual violence; history of child abuse and sexual violence; sexual violence and HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases; the role of physicians in screening for sexual assault; marriage laws and sexual violence; mental health and sexual violence; and the relationship between sexual violence and economic pressure, social norms, inter-generational transmission, forced marriage, or education levels.

Ideally the candidate will be positioned to contribute knowledge to improve laws, or the implementation of laws or policies, to prevent and address sexual violence. Public policy experts could use their expertise in the policymaking process, as well as policy analysis and evaluation to identify "what works" and (what doesn't "work") within existing sexual violence policies and laws, and then, in the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea, to share these evidence-based solutions with the public, as well as public sector leaders.

This faculty position is part of a faculty cluster search, "Sexual Violence: Connecting Social Science Research with Policy." The cluster defines "Sexual Violence" broadly, and it includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex trafficking, violence against sexual minorities, as well as gender-based violence. Three faculty positions will be hired in the cluster, which will build a world-class, new core of interdisciplinary strength in research to address issues of sexual violence domestically and/or globally, making UW-Madison a research leader in this critical area. These positions are part of the UW's Cluster Hiring Initiative, designed to foster innovative, outstanding research programs that will stimulate productive interactions among faculty and students in sexual violence research across campus and to expand interdisciplinary research in this area. Further information regarding this initiative can be found at:

Principal Duties:

The successful candidate will have a primary appointment at the La Follette School of Public Affairs or another pertinent unit on campus. Tenure home will be determined at the time of hiring.

Responsibilities include conducting research and teaching at all levels required (courses to undergraduate and graduate students), with service at the professional and university level. Mentoring graduate students will be required as well.

Degree and Area of Specialization:

Ph.D. in Public Policy, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Public Management, Public Administration, Social Work, or Geography by the start of the appointment, with a specialization in sexual violence.

Minimum Number of Years and Type of Relevant Work Experience:

Candidates with an excellent publication record, or a productive research program with excellent publishing potential, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Apply Online:

For assured consideration, apply by October 15, 2019.

[LK1]Hiring at assistant rank; tenure-track.

Position available starting Fall 2020 (8/17/20)