Position Openings IN LOUISVILLE, KY

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Galen College of Nursing

Galen College of Nursing
Position Openings IN LOUISVILLE, KY

Unique among nursing schools, Galen is solely focused on nursing education. As one of the largest private nursing colleges, Galen prepares nursing professionals to meet the healthcare needs of the communities they serve.

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions in Louisville, KY:

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
The Director of Curriculum and Instruction will support the College’s goal of academic excellence by facilitating the faculty in their efforts to educate our students in a learner-centered environment. The Director will work collaboratively with the deans, program directors, and faculty as they engage in curriculum development, review and evaluation in order to ensure integrity, rigor, and currency. In this role, the Director will be responsible for ensuring that our student learning outcomes are used to organize the curriculum, guide the delivery of instruction, direct learning activities and evaluate student progress. In addition, the Director will ensure that curriculum and instructional processes reflect educational theory, interprofessional collaboration, research and current standards of practice.

Master of Science Nursing Prepared Faculty
The Master of Science Nursing Prepared Faculty will develop, implement, evaluate, and revise the educational program in pre-licensure nursing in accordance with rules and regulations of the state and federal regulatory and accrediting bodies and in response to identified industry and community needs.

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