HEAD TEACHER, FIRST AND SECOND GRADE - Eliot-Pearson Children's School

Tufts University

This position runs 10 months per year. Please be sure to submit a cover letter, resume, and three letters of reference as one singular document when applying.

The Eliot-Pearson Children's School is a laboratory demonstration school for the Department of Child Development at Tufts University. The school enrolls approximately 85 children ages 3-8.

The Head Teacher's responsibilities include providing a dynamic, developmental, inclusive program for multi- age first/second grade children, working with families, therapists, team-teaching and supervising University undergraduate and graduate students. Specifically, the Head Teacher:

* Plans and executes an educational program and physical environment which are developmentally sound, multi-culturally relevant, and sensitive to the range of individual differences reflected in your student, staff, and family populations;
* Adheres to referral procedures when concerned about child/family development;
* Leads and supervises a teaching team, which usually includes: a. one or two graduate teaching assistants; b. a student teacher (undergraduate or graduate student); c. field worker (undergraduate or graduate student); conducts weekly team meetings and individual supervision meetings;
* Attends weekly or bi-weekly supervision meetings with the Director; attends and contributes to bi-monthly staff meetings;
* Communicates regularly with the Special Needs Coordinator and specialists through regularly scheduled meetings, and on an as-needed basis; and let them know well in advance of changes in classroom schedules (i.e., class trips, special projects, etc.);
* Conducts a brief home visit on every child prior to or shortly after school starts in the fall;
* Makes valiant effort to attend school events like picnics, fund-raisers, evening meetings, parent/teacher advisory meetings;
* Communicates regularly with families via daily verbal contact, progress reports, conferences and telephone calls;
* Plans Curriculum Open House and other all-classroom parent meetings as warranted;
* Keeps the Director and/or Special Needs Coordinator informed of any vital child/family development and information, safety issues, classroom/teacher-related issues, buildings and grounds and maintenance concerns;
* Makes classroom purchase requests to the Director for approval, and maintain classroom budget for petty cash purposes;
* Attempts to find substitute replacement when sick or out of school, and inform team, front desk, and the Director of absence;
* Completes assigned clean-up jobs as requested (i.e., kitchen duty, booth and yard clean up, as well as maintain the physical organization of your classroom;
* Maintains a safe environment and follows policy related to injuries/accidents by filing appropriate accident forms at the front desk; posts all appropriate policies and relevant classroom information in a visible place, including children' s allergies, evacuation and emergency procedures, health and illness policy, attendance sheets, hand washing procedures, schedules of children in the afternoon group;
* Prepares progress reports on all children and attends all scheduled parent conferences and IEP meetings;
* Makes reasonable accommodations for visitors, approved research, student projects, and faculty requests;
* Creates documentation to support learning and the curriculum, and to encourage collective inquiry and reflection among children, teachers and parents; uses technology (digital cameras, computers) to support the documentation process;
* Participates in school wide inquiry staff meetings.


Job Requirements

Basic Requirements:

* Master's degree in Early Childhood Education or related field
* Minimum of three (3) years of experience with children who have a wide range of individual differences, including special needs
* Skill in designing classroom environments and curriculum
* Experience supervising University students
* Must complete all appropriate background checks as required for this position

Tufts University is an AA/EO employer and actively seeks candidates from diverse backgrounds.


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